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As we know, breathing is the first act of life and the last. We take it for granted most of the time but our breath is powerful. It is our life force. It nourishes and purifies our blood and brings life giving oxygen to our organs. Joseph Pilates called this the ‘internal shower’. Our breath can also promote and support natural movement and rhythm, activating our muscles to perform efficiently and effectively. In Pilates movement becomes one with the breath. As we perform Pilates exercises on either the mat or equipment the whole body is engaged and active and in sync with the breath.

Joseph Pilates believed that the majority of our everyday movement utilizes only a limited number of muscles. Weaknesses and imbalances in our bodies affect the way we move and over time bad movement patterns with limited muscle utilization become ‘habits’. This can lead to injury and chronic aches and pains. Pilates exercises re-educates, realigns, and balances the body. It promotes maximum muscle strength, uniformly developing all of our muscles large and small, while increasing flexibility, coordination and stamina.

Pilates movement is exact, defined and intentional. It is a coming together of mind and body to create movement that is purposeful, precise, aligned, coordinated and flowing. With commitment to a Pilates practice this controlled way of moving will carry over well beyond the studio. Increased strength, flexibility and range of motion, improved balance and posture all coming together to create healthier movement patterns which can help prevent injury, and reduce chronic pain. The appearance of your body will also change. You’ll notice leaner more toned muscles, firm abs, beautiful posture and an increased body awareness that will transform simple everyday movement such as walking, standing and even sitting!